How To Protect Concrete Garage Floors From Oil Leaks

How To Protect Concrete Garage Floors From Oil Leaks

No matter how organized and clean your garage is, if you have stains on the floor, the whole thing just looks messy. Nobody wants a messy looking garage. To keep your garage from being an eyesore, you’re going to need to know how to protect concrete garage floors from oil leaks.

How To Protect Concrete Garage Floors From Oil Leaks?
How To Protect Concrete Garage Floors From Oil Leaks

Coat the Concrete

Concrete is porous and tends to absorb any liquid it comes into contact with. Leave the liquid long enough and you’ve got a stain. Stains make for an ugly floor. So how do you keep the concrete from absorbing the liquid in the first place? The easiest and best way is to coat it, and the best coating for a garage floor is epoxy. An epoxy coating will turn the concrete into a seamless durable surface that is easy to clean and will last for years. You have probably seen this type of floor in automotive shops you’ve taken your car to. If it can withstand the kind of punishment it gets there, an epoxy floor is the perfect choice for your residential garage.

Concrete Densifiers

A concrete densifier is a chemical that is applied to concrete. The chemical reacts with the lime in the cement to tighten the pores thus creating a surface that is harder, more wear resistant and more resistant to stains. Keep in mind that a densifier must cure for 7 days before anything else is done to the concrete. While a densifier will increase the stain resistance of the concrete, it is no match for a truly sealed surface like an epoxy coating.

Preparing Your Garage

Regardless of how you decide to treat the concrete in your garage, the first thing you need to do is to clean your garage. Pick up any items you have stored. Make sure that the floor is clear of all boxes, tools, etc. Sweep the floor of any smaller debris and dirt. If you have access to a power washer, it is a good idea to give the floor a good power wash so you can get it as clean as possible. If power washing, let the garage floor dry completely before moving on. A degreaser and a brush can work well to clean any previous staining. too. If necessary you can try a product like Pour N Restore on really stubborn stains. Again, remember the floor must be completely dry before you continue.

How To Protect Concrete Garage Floors From Oil Leaks
How To Protect Concrete Garage Floors From Oil Leaks

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I protect my garage floor from leaking oil?

  • The best way to do this is to ensure that you place some type of coating on your garage floor. A garage floor that is untreated is porous and oil can easily stain it. A densifier will fill those holes and bond the concrete together to create a strong floor. An epoxy coat will allow you to wipe away oil that leaks from your vehicle.

Q. How do you keep oil from staining concrete?

  • The only way to keep oil from staining concrete is to ensure that you have a good sealant on the concrete. As mentioned, an epoxy coating will allow you to simply wipe away the oil instead of it staining the concrete.

Q. What can I put in my driveway to catch oil?

  • Technically, you could throw down a piece of cardboard or oil pan to catch the oil, however it is not very appealing to look at for you or your neighbors. Consider a good sealant for your driveway. A good sealant will keep the oil from staining your driveway.

Q. How can I protect my garage floor?

  • A great way to protect your garage floor is to prepare it for possible leaks from vehicles. No matter how good your mechanic is, your vehicle will inevitably leak something onto your garage floor. To protect your garage floor we recommend an epoxy coating.

Why Epoxy?

The epoxy will give you a smooth finish that will allow you to simply wipe away any leaks that you may get on the garage floor. Your garage takes a beating throughout the year with vehicle leaks, salt brought in from driving in the winter and everyday wear and tear. There are several types of epoxy coating that will be able to protect your garage for a long time.

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