Is Epoxy Floor Durable – Benefits of Epoxy Flooring

Is Epoxy Floor Durable

Whether you need flooring for your home or business premises, you want an option that can stand the test of time and handle anything you throw at it. Maybe you have a garage that you want looking clean and well-polished, or a showroom at your business premises where aesthetics plays a critical role in keeping customers interested. There are plenty of options out there, and epoxy stands out as a favorite among many. So, you may be wondering, is epoxy floor durable?

Is Epoxy Floor Durable

Is Epoxy Floor Durable

Is Epoxy Floor Durable

In this article, we’ll discuss how durable and scratch-resistant epoxy flooring can be. Here we will highlight reasons why you should consider installing an epoxy floor.

  • Scratch Resistance

One of the most critical qualities to consider when choosing a flooring option is its resistance to scratches. An epoxy coating has a longer useful life than pretty much any other type of floor coating and the composition of its ingredients also make it scratch resistant. Moreover, there are a variety of top coatings, such as urethane, that make epoxy coating even more resistant to scratches and abrasions. In addition to being scratch resistant, you will also find that epoxy flooring is also extremely durable.

  • How Durable Is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring is among the most durable flooring options out there today. It’s resistant to scratches, cracks, stains and chemicals. An epoxy floor is also a great choice in cases where heavy equipment is being used, because it’s also impact-resistant. It’s no surprise that epoxy floors are a popular garage flooring option, because they can take the damage from continuously parking heavy automobiles or equipment or even the occasional dropping of heavy tools.

  • Here’s the Main Reason Why Epoxy Flooring Is Quite PopularIs Epoxy Floor Durable

An epoxy floor has a flexural strength of more than 10000 psi, which is quite impressive. Moreover, you can add topical coatings to make the surface even stronger. Replacing an epoxy floor is also a walk in the park.

  • Benefits

Choosing epoxy flooring comes with numerous benefits. It’s a safer option for your flooring and also a greener choice. Another significant advantage is that it’s very easy to maintain. With just plain water, your epoxy floor will be clean and shiny in no time. If you’re dealing with major spills just add a bit of ammonia to the water and you’re good to go.

When it comes to installation costs, epoxy flooring is quite affordable when compared to other types of flooring, and the best part is that it will last for years. If you take good care of your epoxy floor, you can expect it to last at least five to ten years, or even more.

Bottom Line

So, is epoxy floor durable? The short answer is yes. If you’re in the market for a durable, scratch-resistant and reliable flooring option then you’ll never go wrong with epoxy floor coating. With proper maintenance, your floor will look as good as new for years. Whether you’re looking to install epoxy floors in your home or business, our team here at Epoxy Strong uses a specialized coating process to ensure your floors are installed properly.


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