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Concrete Prep for Garage Floor Coating

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It’s All About The Prep! At Epoxy Strong Floor Coating we are very particular in the way we do our epoxy garage floor coatings and it shows.

Surface preparation is the single most important factor in the long term bonding performance of a concrete coating. At Epoxy Strong we do not cut corners. We have invested in the best equipment for each application, and do it right the first time.

To prepare the concrete surface for coating, we use a Diamond Grinder, and we literally remove the top layer (1/16 – 1/8 inch) of concrete. This process is more environmentally friendly than acid etching and completely removes all contaminants for a blemish free, level surface. After diamond grinding the floor, we fix any surface cracks and small holes in the concrete.

Some do-it-yourselfers and competitors use an acid etch process, which is not an approved flooring preparation technique. Problems can occur if ANY trace of oil, grease, gasoline, antifreeze, road salts, or any other foreign substances remain on the surface and significantly decreases the ability of any coating to bond to the floor.

Applying Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Once the floor prep is complete, an epoxy primer and base coat are applied. The primer provides better adhesion for the following layers, while the base coat contains the colored acrylic paint chips. The final coating is a clear topcoat that reveals the finished, glossy look. This may seem like a long process, but our turnaround time to re-use the surface is only 24-48 hours.

DIY Epoxy Flooring

We offer many styles of colors and layouts.

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The Result: A Good-Looking, Functional Garage Floor Coating

Epoxy Strong has developed our preparation and application process to offer the highest quality commercial, driveway and garage floor coatings, and to ensure that they will last. We don’t want your floor to just look nice for the first few weeks or even months – we want it to look great for as long as you own your house! We provide an excellent warranty of up to 25 years on our floor coatings.

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