How long does the garage floor installations take?

  • One day for garage floors
  • For 2 out of 3 of our products, you can walk on the garage floor in 24 hours and drive on it in 48 hours
  • For one of our products, it takes a bit more drying time.

Why not the DIY or Home Depot Epoxy floor products?

From personal experience and seeing many other do it yourself floors, there is really no comparison.

Does Epoxy Strong have a Contractor’s License?

Yes, the owners of Epoxy Strong have a Painters Contractor’s License (pending) which is now required by the State of Arizona. Will Lykins has a deep understanding of chemicals, epoxy and concrete. We run a professional company and comply with all state and federal requirements for payroll taxes, workers compensation, sales tax, etc.

Are there different types of products you offer?

Yes, we offer 3 products. It really depends on what kind of look you would like to achieve and what your garage or commercial space is used for.

  • Standard
  • Standard Plus
  • High Gloss

How long does the garage floor look good?

It really depends on the floor usage. A garage that is used for standard purposes, the floors can look brand new for 6-8 years. After that time (like hard wood floors for example), it is an option to freshen them up by having us out to lightly sand and reapply the top coat. They will look brand new. This will cost about $1.00 a foot.

What if I have a large refrigerator in my garage that we can’t move by ourselves?

Although we hope for an empty garage when we arrive so we can get right to work, our team is more than happy to accommodate assisting the homeowner with moving a piece or two out of their garage FREE.

Will the grinder create a lot of dust in my garage or house?

No, our diamond grinder has a dustless vac attached to it and there will be very little dust. Some light dust will be omitted when we use the hand grinder but it is very minimal.

Do we have to be home when you do the install?

No, you do not have to be home.